Hi, I am Mike Kren!

I am an award winning director / writer / animator based in Vienna, Austria.

My passion is film and animation.

I wanted to make films since I was a kid, right after I had Star Wars on VHS blow my mind for the first time (of many!). I guess this story is applicable to a whole generation of film makers but it most definitely is for me.

As a teenager I experimented with my family’s Hi-8 video camera and had great fun making short films with my friends while absorbing every film I saw like a sponge.

Another big love of mine has always been computers and video games, especially narrative ones. I love the creative possibilities they give you and how they enable you to tell and experience stories visually and immersively.

While I was studying media technology I had the opportunity to unite my passions and create animated music videos that made it to numerous international film festivals and won multiple awards.

Today I am working as a freelance filmmaker, writer and animator, always looking for exciting new projects.

Send me an email, drop me a line: hello[at]mikekren.at