Music Video | 2009
Written and Directed by Mike Kren & Mirjam Baker 

Official music video to the song of the same name by internationally acclaimed British band Zoot Woman. In a mix of live action and hand drawn animation, it tells the story of a man who can’t let go of a lost relationship.

Festival Screenings (selection)

Diagonale 2010, AUT  film:riss 2009, AUT  |  Shoot-Me 2009, NL  Youki 2009 AUT  |  Aniwow! 2009, CHN  |  Golden Wire 2009, AUT  |  Content Award 2009, AUT |  Youki 2009, AUT  |  Tricky Women 2010, AUT  |   Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage Wien 2010, AUT  |  Netd@ys 2010, AUT  |  Panama Plus 2010, GER |  REC Jugendmedienfestival 2010, GER  |  Vienna Independent Shorts 2010, AUT  |  Espressofilm 2010, AUT  |  Lobby Vorfilm 2010, AUT  |  Zeichnung in Bewegung 2012, AUT | Animage 2012, BRA


Written and Directed by
Mike Kren & Mirjam Baker

Director of Photography
Andreas Thalhammer

Camera Assistant
Boris Steiner

Production Management
Manuel Corn
Christian Waldhofer

Production Assistants
Stefan Karner
Wolfgang Schellnast
Stefan Vucsina

Sandra Eder
Alexander Wieser

Steffi Gratzer
Lilo Moser
Kristin Wehrkamp zu Höne
Anni Wolfslehner

Boris Steiner

Mirjam Baker
Lilo Moser
Mike Kren

Additional Animation
Daniela Vogl
Philipp Schmallegger
Manuel Corn
Steffi Gratzer
Lisa Kuka
André Meindorfer
Susanne Wagner

Mike Kren

Additional Compositing
Christian Waldhofer
Mirjam Baker

Special Thanks to
Stefan Karner
Xiaosu Han
Mrs. Wolf
The great Extras
Arri Rental
Golden Girls
Fh St.Pölten